Monday 30th June 2008


Last day of June! Today’s show saw Ruth Dyson join us for an informative discussion on gangs in Banks Peninsula, campaign stunts and the boy racer situation. Dai Henwood also made it to talk about the Olympics, P-Funk Chainsaw and how to keep to a moose happy while making love. Adam from Slam X Hype gave his spin on BMX/Skate fashion and even predicted a potential trend in religious fashion. Check out Ruth and Dai’s interviews below:

Dai Henwood Interview

Ruth Dyson Interview


Holy crap – we’ll be talking to the legendary CHRIS KNOX about music, stuff, his latest album released called ‘A Warm Gun’ – can’t wait! Also joining us is the always fantastic Jason Gunn; New Zealand’s BIGGEST celebrity. And of course Maria will be in the studio with her Rialto Pick of the Week. Catch you then!


We finally got JOHN KEY!!


Yes it’s true, John Key – Leader of the National Party not only called but stayed on the line for the entire interview! He’d obviously done some homework on the Treaty, giving us some statistics and adding substance to his previously slammed claim there was no history of violence in New Zealand. We touched on the option of a Mugabe assassination, if John had considered growing dreadlocks AND Spanky even got Mr. Key to hum a few bars of ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’ as an outro. Check out the podcast of this interview!

John Key Interview

Our other guests were great too of course, Kevin List gave us his spin on current events, Grant Smithies critiqued the latest Steve Abel and the Chrysalids album which is not to be listened to if you’re feeling manic depressive. And to top the show off, the cast from The Cape came into the studio for a chat and even acted out a snippet from the play.


Our very own Minister of New Zealand Space Exploration, Ruth Dyson will be phoning in for a discussion of current politics close to home, Dai Henwood is joining us and good ol Adam from Slam X Hype give tell us what we should be wearing and looking at on the interweb. We’ll also find out his real last name too.


Thursday 26th June 2008


… and the last ticket on Breakfast with Spanky to the Black Keys concert has gone! Congrats to all our winners, it’ll be a wicked gig, hope you enjoyed the live to air replay at the end of the show. Looks like more ski fields are opening up, so get yo asses up the mountain!

Nick Paris joined us this morning with his take on ‘Michael Clayton’ starring George Clooney – a court room drama of epic proportions. He also gave his top three toture films of all time, the top being anything with Sylvester Stallone in it. Stephen McCarthy from the ChCh band PINE also had a chat with Spanky covering everything from pant wetting to the Curtain Call gig coming up on the 4th July to getting an autograph from Puff the Magic Dragon. Check out the interview HERE!


Kevin List from will be in to discuss current events, John Key is phoning en route from Auckland to the Coromandel so let’s hope we get a decent reception this time! Grant Smithies from up Nelson way will be reviewing the latest and greatest in NZ and world music as well as Averlea Burgess, Jack Jenkins and Nic Kyle in studio to talk about The Cape happening at The Forge. Look forward to having you along!

Wednesday 25th June 2008


The phones were off the hook today – so thank you for all your calls! Sorry if we can’t answer your call, but keep trying and we’ll do our best to get to you as quick as possible. Ahhh it’s tough being popular… Russel Norman joined us today, he answered Spanky’s questions about Energy Efficient Light Bulbs, the state of our hydro lakes – giving us a unique solution to filling them by draining the Tasman Sea, and he even gave us some good news! More people than ever are biking and catch public transport – mostly due to petrol prices, but hey for whatever reason, the less cars on the road the better. And if you are wondering what Russel’s listening to these days, he’s really flogging Steve Abel’s latest offering ‘Flax Happy’.

Gareth Shute – author of NZ Rock 1987 – 2007 told us of his huge efforts to compile this book and other achievements such as an earlier book covering NZ Hip Hop. To pick yourself up a copy, click here.


Tune in for our much loved feature ‘Today in the World Today’ who the hell knows what random event/fish will be celebrated in the world. Nick Paris gives us his Alice in Videoland pick o the week and views on other flicks which only he is likely to ever heard of. ChCh’s own Stephen McCarthy from PINE has a chat about what they’ve been up to as well as the Rado-thon happening on Friday, July the 4th’s Breakfast with Spanky show. Should be a goody!

Tuesday 24th June 2008


We are like, SO environmentally & culturally consciously conscious here at Breakfast with Spanky – today we had Rachel Johnston, spokesperson for the Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay on the phone telling us all about the torch’s nationwide and global journey and their mission for peace. Grant Hall from the Good Water Project came into the studio for a chat about their awesome product – water packaged in a bio bottle made from renewable resources, for more info get clicking and check them out:

Grant Hall ‘Good Water Project’ interview

Andrew Todd also came in with the Rialto Film Pick o the Week, reviewing The Happening. Apparently it’s absolutely terrible and for that reason alone it’s WELL worth seeing!


Russel Norman joins us to discuss the state of our environment, sustainability, petrol prices – you name it! We’ve got an interview with Gareth Shute; author of NZ Rock 1987 – 2007 lined up too, as well as tickets to the Black Keys and The Cape. See you then then!

Monday 23rd June 2008


Welcome to a new week! Our very own Silver Headed Warrior Bob Parker had a fleeting chat with us this morning from the baggage claim at Wellington Airport, Adam from Slam X Hype gave us our weekly fill of things Urrrban – check out Slam X Hype for more interesting tid bits as well as to see youtube’s higher quality competitor. Today was also the Latvian festival ‘Jani’ a celebration of Summer Solstice, lucky them!

Friday last week saw The Deceivers coming in for an interview and a live to air performance of Skin and Slaps, check out the video below:


Guests include Rachel Johnston talking about the Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay, Grant Hall from Good Water in the studio, Dai Henwood with his unique take on the world today and Andrew Todd with the Rialto Pick of the Week. Tune in to win a highly coveted ticket to the Black Keys, we’ve got one to The Cape as well as Golden Bean and a double pass to Rialto Cinema.

Friday 20th June 2008


We’ve been spoilt with great bands live in the studio this week, today we had The Deceivers in for a chat and a song. They were promoting their gig tonight at Al’s Bar, a mere $5 on entry AND you get a free Deceivers EP! Just want to point out right now how lucky we are in ChCh, there are so many free/cheap gigs so don’t be afraid to shell out a few bucks – in Auckland you pretty much have to pay for every live gig. Stay tuned for the video of The Deceivers live in studio, will be up early next week.

Today also saw Scotty from Tripod joining us in a hungover/semi drunk state but he made a valiant effort and had a good chat with Spanky. Tripod is an Australian comedy troupe from Australia and are performing tonight and tomorrow at the Civic. Dee McLachlan (how do you say her last name again Spanky?) told us about her new film ‘The Jammed’ just out in ChCh, it’s a thriller about human trafficking in Melbourne. Sounds like a good one to check out. Thanks for joining us, and have a fun and safe weekend!


Tune in for ‘Today in the World Today’ – our new early feature where we poach other country’s observance days and public holidays and celebrate them for ourselves! Also on the show will be Grant Hall from ‘Good Water’ – those environmentally friendly bottles, Bob Parker will field some Spanky questions and Adam from Slam X Hype will give us his take on NZ fashion as well as his fashion tip of the week.