Thursday 17th July 2008

Almost Friday! Although this usual weekly jubilation is tainted by the knowledge that Muz, one of our sales team stars is leaving today. Bye Muz! Now go make some psytrance soup.

The video below is a rare gem. It was taken from Curtain Call – Repertory Fund Raiser (which we held the Radathon on BWS for) on the 4th of this month, and features Spanky vs Stephen McCarthy in an epic indie battle. Spanky got his chance to slam Pine in response to their scathing song performed as part of the Radathon – scroll down to the 9th of July to view.


Saw Nick Paris joining us for his weekly Alice in Videoland DVD recommendations, young Greg from Canterbury University Boardriders Association came into the studio to tell all about the Jib Jam happening this evening outside the Foundry – grab your board and build a snowman! Also on the show this morning was Andrew Campbell – Director of the finance worker’s union explaining what’s the go with ANZ shipping 250 admin jobs to India. They’re aiming for 100% increase in their annual profit from 1 billion to 2 billion in a year, who needs that much money??? Listen to the podcast here:

Andrew Campbell Interview


Kevin List will be joining us, as well as the elusive National Party leader John Key. Jimmy Christmas from Luger Boa is on the show and none other than Spanky’s Dad for the downlow on deeply repressed farmyard memories.


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