Friday 18th July 2008

We made it!! Another week down and we finished it off in style. Thanks to everyone who called in and congrats to all our prize winners, keep texting in too, we always love hearing from you!


So the John Key mystery continues to unfold… it was brought up today if he indeed does sport some form of toupee, but this speculation was quickly shot down. With a full head of hair John Key gave a great interview this morning, giving his take on the universal student allowance issue and the move to privatise ACC plus much more. Have a listen:

John Key Interview

Unfortunately Jimmy Christmas from Luger Boa flaked on us this morning, probably had a late one last night who knows, who cares. BUT we did get Spanky’s Dad on the line for a good ‘ol chat about life on the farm. Spanky Senior has recently acquired a new dog called Spot (original name anyone?), they touched on that poison 1080, which recently was administered to a Greymouth pest controller’s fido as well as the drought situation. Very entertaining stuff:

Spanky’s Dad Interview


Bob Parker – Christchurch’s silver headed warrior will be joining us for a chat, as will the ever informative Astro Boy, our resident furry astronomist. The one to look out for though is Garth Janson at 8:30am. He is basically a real life G.I. Joe who leads teams into unhospitable countries delivering aid relief to victims of natural disasters.

Have a safe and kick ass weekend!


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