Monday 21st July 2008

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Watashi ishi Spanky des!!!


Christchurch’s own Silver Headed Warrior, Bob Parker joined us this morning, we picked his brain about what the HELL is up with ChCh’s youth now days after a drive by shooting in the city early Sunday morning. Bob also gave us the low down on the Ellerslie Flower Show which is happening here in March next year after been snatched from Auckland, and there was a certain degree of ball busting in relation to what actually happens to all those containers which can’t be recycled in New Zealand – Bob promised us he would look into it some more, so we’ll be sure to follow that up in a fortnight when we speak with him next. But for now, have a listen to today’s interview:

Bob Parker Interview

Also on the show today, we got Garth Janson on the phone to talk about his experiences as one of the most prolific World Aid coordinators in the world today. He’s been involved in everything from delivering aid to victims of natural disasters & war torn countries to addressing the North Korean government, as well as surviving a plane crash in South Africa. Listen to his fascinating interview here:

Garth Janson Interview


You know Jason Gunn? Yep he’s on the show tomorrow, as well as Andrew Todd with the Rialto Film pick of the week. Give aways include the good ‘ol C4 Golden Bean, a double pass to Rialto Cinema AND a new album from The Vines!


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