Tuesday 22nd July 2008

Kia Ora! Hope you’re learning some Te Reo, Spanky’s been making the effort and tomorrow we have a spokesperson from Ngai Tahu joining us to help him with some pronunciation. So make sure you listen in for your daily dose of culture!

after a big night of curry

after a big night of curry


Sue Bagshore from the 198 Youth Health Centre joined us to talkabout what exactly is going on with the youth of today, particularly in Christchurch.  Sue gave some very good insight to the current issues – namely the increase in intensity and frequency of youth related crimes as well as an interesting solution. Find out what you can do to deal with this problem in our community:

Sue Bagshore Interview

Ahhh Jason Gunn, what a little tearaway… he gave us his take on Maori Language Week, talked about his first couple of jobs which oddly involved working in restaurants involving female mud wrestlers and we dispelled the rumour called in by one of our listeners as to if it really was Jason who wrote ‘Jason Gunn was here’ on a shed just outside of Oxford. He don’t throw up shit just anywheres!! Get your ears around this, aight:

Jason Gunn Interview


Just DARE us to squeeze more in to a show! We’ve got Russel Norman on the phone – will be picking his brain about a world of current environmental issues, someone (not sure entirely sure who exactly) from NgaiTahu will be teaching Spanky how to pronounce all those Maori words he’s been attempting this week so far AND Dylon Taylor who is the Designer for COCA Gallery will be telling all about the Board Art exhibition which starts today!

See you then.


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