Wednesday 23rd July 2008

Kia Ora! How’s the Maori verncaular coming along? Be sure to tune in tomorrow because we’ve got Eru Tarena, the Reo and Cultural Advisor from Ngai Tahu joining us to give Spanky a little help in the pronunciation of Te Reo. BWS is not only a great way to start the day, it’s educational too! The thing is, with Maori Language week, don’t just get involved for 7 days, keep it up for good! Ka Pai. Here’s an invention we’re working on at BWS:


Green Party co-leader Russel Norman had a chat with us this morning, discussing everything from tazers to what happened to the electric car to what he grows in his garden. Check out this fascinating and informative interview, it really was a rare insight to this multi layered man.

Russel Norman Interview

There’s a great new exhibition at COCA Gallery on Gloucester called Board Art which kick flipped off last night. The curator of this collection is none other than that skater/art oficianado Dylan Taylor who told us all about the art, the artists and what the whole idea is behind the thing! More people should paint their skateboards. Have a listen:

Dylan Taylor Interview


As mentioned we’ll have someone to teach us some cool new words in Maori on the show, Nick Paris with his Alice in Videoland film pick of the week, Grant Smithies – music reviewer extraordinaire and Maria with the Rialto Channel film preview of the week will all be joining us for you, the listener. Because without you, we would just be sitting in a padded room talking to ourselves.


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