Thursday 24th July 2008


We learned some very cool phrases in Maori on the show today, utterings which are relevant to our listernship, so check them out on the podcast (link below). Eru Tarena joined us, telling all about how Maori language week is being recieved and the increasing awareness of Te Reo it is generating.

Maori Language Week Interview

Naomi our fantastic Thursday news reader brought up an interesting issue of a New Plymouth couple who had their child taken from their custody because of giving her a ridiculous name. One favourite of ours was ‘Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii’ and ‘Fish & Chips’ – this is REAL news people! If you know of any other cases of absolutely farcical naming do let us know, we’d love to speak with them…

We dare you to name your kid RDU 98.5FM


We’re ending the week in style with Flip Grater and band (just how many of them we’re not quite sure) performing a live to air to promote her album release and start of her tour. Also on the show will be Kevin List, John Key (2 weeks in a row!!) and Adam from Slam X Hype to talk about the new iphones, now they’ve been out for a couple of weeks.

Come on people, hugs not butt plugs.


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  1. i have a cousin who named her son vegeta after the guy from dragonball z

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