Friday 25th July 2008

Haere Mai. He ra tino ataahua tenei! How fast did that week go? Thanks jonesynz for leaving your comment, Vegeta (character from Dragon Ball Z) – what a beautiful name… what was the hero’s name? Pretty sure Vegeta was a baddy, or an evil plant. Welcome to Friday people! Thank you for tuning in this week and especially being so involved with Maori Language Week.


Kevin List was first up and gave us his take on the Winston Peters story which is hot in the media currently, turns out it’s not just Winston who’s guilty, it’s most  politicians. Oh my god, really?? Speaking of politicians, Spanky had a great chat with John Key, National Party leader. We busted his balls about the $4,372,000 apartment he bought in Hawaii, and tried to pry more information about National’s policies which was met with “Have you been reading the press?… 7 policies in 2 weeks!” weeeeell… have a listen for yourself and if you can find these policies, we’d love to know them too.

John Key Interview

Church Town’s own, Flip Grater is having an album release concert tonight at the Harbour Light ‘Be All And End All’ with Tim Chesney supporting. Flip and Tim came into the studio this morning for a chat about her album and the tour beginning today as well as a live to air of the delightful ‘Ring Around the Rosie’. Czech out the vid:


The leader of New Zealand’s Space Exploration programme, Ruth Dyson will be joining us along with social commentator Russel Brown. Also to kick off the week we’ll be having Auckland based power pop band ‘Kingston’ in the studio for a live to air. They’ll be promoting their Schools Tour tour and we’ll find out all about it  and what exactly ‘it’ is.

Have a great weekend, E noho ra!


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