Friday 25th July 2008

Haere Mai. He ra tino ataahua tenei! How fast did that week go? Thanks jonesynz for leaving your comment, Vegeta (character from Dragon Ball Z) – what a beautiful name… what was the hero’s name? Pretty sure Vegeta was a baddy, or an evil plant. Welcome to Friday people! Thank you for tuning in this week and especially being so involved with Maori Language Week.


Kevin List was first up and gave us his take on the Winston Peters story which is hot in the media currently, turns out it’s not just Winston who’s guilty, it’s most  politicians. Oh my god, really?? Speaking of politicians, Spanky had a great chat with John Key, National Party leader. We busted his balls about the $4,372,000 apartment he bought in Hawaii, and tried to pry more information about National’s policies which was met with “Have you been reading the press?… 7 policies in 2 weeks!” weeeeell… have a listen for yourself and if you can find these policies, we’d love to know them too.

John Key Interview

Church Town’s own, Flip Grater is having an album release concert tonight at the Harbour Light ‘Be All And End All’ with Tim Chesney supporting. Flip and Tim came into the studio this morning for a chat about her album and the tour beginning today as well as a live to air of the delightful ‘Ring Around the Rosie’. Czech out the vid:


The leader of New Zealand’s Space Exploration programme, Ruth Dyson will be joining us along with social commentator Russel Brown. Also to kick off the week we’ll be having Auckland based power pop band ‘Kingston’ in the studio for a live to air. They’ll be promoting their Schools Tour tour and we’ll find out all about it  and what exactly ‘it’ is.

Have a great weekend, E noho ra!


Thursday 24th July 2008


We learned some very cool phrases in Maori on the show today, utterings which are relevant to our listernship, so check them out on the podcast (link below). Eru Tarena joined us, telling all about how Maori language week is being recieved and the increasing awareness of Te Reo it is generating.

Maori Language Week Interview

Naomi our fantastic Thursday news reader brought up an interesting issue of a New Plymouth couple who had their child taken from their custody because of giving her a ridiculous name. One favourite of ours was ‘Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii’ and ‘Fish & Chips’ – this is REAL news people! If you know of any other cases of absolutely farcical naming do let us know, we’d love to speak with them…

We dare you to name your kid RDU 98.5FM


We’re ending the week in style with Flip Grater and band (just how many of them we’re not quite sure) performing a live to air to promote her album release and start of her tour. Also on the show will be Kevin List, John Key (2 weeks in a row!!) and Adam from Slam X Hype to talk about the new iphones, now they’ve been out for a couple of weeks.

Come on people, hugs not butt plugs.

Wednesday 23rd July 2008

Kia Ora! How’s the Maori verncaular coming along? Be sure to tune in tomorrow because we’ve got Eru Tarena, the Reo and Cultural Advisor from Ngai Tahu joining us to give Spanky a little help in the pronunciation of Te Reo. BWS is not only a great way to start the day, it’s educational too! The thing is, with Maori Language week, don’t just get involved for 7 days, keep it up for good! Ka Pai. Here’s an invention we’re working on at BWS:


Green Party co-leader Russel Norman had a chat with us this morning, discussing everything from tazers to what happened to the electric car to what he grows in his garden. Check out this fascinating and informative interview, it really was a rare insight to this multi layered man.

Russel Norman Interview

There’s a great new exhibition at COCA Gallery on Gloucester called Board Art which kick flipped off last night. The curator of this collection is none other than that skater/art oficianado Dylan Taylor who told us all about the art, the artists and what the whole idea is behind the thing! More people should paint their skateboards. Have a listen:

Dylan Taylor Interview


As mentioned we’ll have someone to teach us some cool new words in Maori on the show, Nick Paris with his Alice in Videoland film pick of the week, Grant Smithies – music reviewer extraordinaire and Maria with the Rialto Channel film preview of the week will all be joining us for you, the listener. Because without you, we would just be sitting in a padded room talking to ourselves.

Tuesday 22nd July 2008

Kia Ora! Hope you’re learning some Te Reo, Spanky’s been making the effort and tomorrow we have a spokesperson from Ngai Tahu joining us to help him with some pronunciation. So make sure you listen in for your daily dose of culture!

after a big night of curry

after a big night of curry


Sue Bagshore from the 198 Youth Health Centre joined us to talkabout what exactly is going on with the youth of today, particularly in Christchurch.  Sue gave some very good insight to the current issues – namely the increase in intensity and frequency of youth related crimes as well as an interesting solution. Find out what you can do to deal with this problem in our community:

Sue Bagshore Interview

Ahhh Jason Gunn, what a little tearaway… he gave us his take on Maori Language Week, talked about his first couple of jobs which oddly involved working in restaurants involving female mud wrestlers and we dispelled the rumour called in by one of our listeners as to if it really was Jason who wrote ‘Jason Gunn was here’ on a shed just outside of Oxford. He don’t throw up shit just anywheres!! Get your ears around this, aight:

Jason Gunn Interview


Just DARE us to squeeze more in to a show! We’ve got Russel Norman on the phone – will be picking his brain about a world of current environmental issues, someone (not sure entirely sure who exactly) from NgaiTahu will be teaching Spanky how to pronounce all those Maori words he’s been attempting this week so far AND Dylon Taylor who is the Designer for COCA Gallery will be telling all about the Board Art exhibition which starts today!

See you then.

Monday 21st July 2008

Welcome to a new week! Thanks for tuning into Breakfast With Spanky, always good to have you listening. Don’t forget we want your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment here or email: yup.

Watashi ishi Spanky des!!!


Christchurch’s own Silver Headed Warrior, Bob Parker joined us this morning, we picked his brain about what the HELL is up with ChCh’s youth now days after a drive by shooting in the city early Sunday morning. Bob also gave us the low down on the Ellerslie Flower Show which is happening here in March next year after been snatched from Auckland, and there was a certain degree of ball busting in relation to what actually happens to all those containers which can’t be recycled in New Zealand – Bob promised us he would look into it some more, so we’ll be sure to follow that up in a fortnight when we speak with him next. But for now, have a listen to today’s interview:

Bob Parker Interview

Also on the show today, we got Garth Janson on the phone to talk about his experiences as one of the most prolific World Aid coordinators in the world today. He’s been involved in everything from delivering aid to victims of natural disasters & war torn countries to addressing the North Korean government, as well as surviving a plane crash in South Africa. Listen to his fascinating interview here:

Garth Janson Interview


You know Jason Gunn? Yep he’s on the show tomorrow, as well as Andrew Todd with the Rialto Film pick of the week. Give aways include the good ‘ol C4 Golden Bean, a double pass to Rialto Cinema AND a new album from The Vines!

Friday 18th July 2008

We made it!! Another week down and we finished it off in style. Thanks to everyone who called in and congrats to all our prize winners, keep texting in too, we always love hearing from you!


So the John Key mystery continues to unfold… it was brought up today if he indeed does sport some form of toupee, but this speculation was quickly shot down. With a full head of hair John Key gave a great interview this morning, giving his take on the universal student allowance issue and the move to privatise ACC plus much more. Have a listen:

John Key Interview

Unfortunately Jimmy Christmas from Luger Boa flaked on us this morning, probably had a late one last night who knows, who cares. BUT we did get Spanky’s Dad on the line for a good ‘ol chat about life on the farm. Spanky Senior has recently acquired a new dog called Spot (original name anyone?), they touched on that poison 1080, which recently was administered to a Greymouth pest controller’s fido as well as the drought situation. Very entertaining stuff:

Spanky’s Dad Interview


Bob Parker – Christchurch’s silver headed warrior will be joining us for a chat, as will the ever informative Astro Boy, our resident furry astronomist. The one to look out for though is Garth Janson at 8:30am. He is basically a real life G.I. Joe who leads teams into unhospitable countries delivering aid relief to victims of natural disasters.

Have a safe and kick ass weekend!