Thursday 17th July 2008

Almost Friday! Although this usual weekly jubilation is tainted by the knowledge that Muz, one of our sales team stars is leaving today. Bye Muz! Now go make some psytrance soup.

The video below is a rare gem. It was taken from Curtain Call – Repertory Fund Raiser (which we held the Radathon on BWS for) on the 4th of this month, and features Spanky vs Stephen McCarthy in an epic indie battle. Spanky got his chance to slam Pine in response to their scathing song performed as part of the Radathon – scroll down to the 9th of July to view.


Saw Nick Paris joining us for his weekly Alice in Videoland DVD recommendations, young Greg from Canterbury University Boardriders Association came into the studio to tell all about the Jib Jam happening this evening outside the Foundry – grab your board and build a snowman! Also on the show this morning was Andrew Campbell – Director of the finance worker’s union explaining what’s the go with ANZ shipping 250 admin jobs to India. They’re aiming for 100% increase in their annual profit from 1 billion to 2 billion in a year, who needs that much money??? Listen to the podcast here:

Andrew Campbell Interview


Kevin List will be joining us, as well as the elusive National Party leader John Key. Jimmy Christmas from Luger Boa is on the show and none other than Spanky’s Dad for the downlow on deeply repressed farmyard memories.


Wednesday 16th July 2008


Cutting edge radio! Could Sue Bradford get any cooler? Possibly, possibly not. Ms. Bradford joined us on the show today for a great wee chat with Spanky covering everything from overcrowded buses, riding in government owned limos and the relevance of Miss Universe pageants in today’s society. Check it out:

Sue Bradford Interview

The result of tom sauce on seats

The result of tom sauce on seats

Also featuring on BWS this morning was Paul Roper, drummer from the Mint Chicks. He told us all about life over in Portland Oregan where the band relocated to, tourist attractions there (including a unique donut shop where you can get hitched) and the tour alongside Luger Boa and NZ rock icons Shihad. Have a listen:

Mint Chicks Interview

Lastly on the show today we had Julia Deans from Fur Patrol in for a natter. Remember her random hair styles? Julia told us she currently sports a ‘monk like’ do complete with bald patch on top, so make sure you catch one of their album release gigs in August/September and oggle her dome. Julia actually wins the prize for ‘Most Laughs During an Interview’ so have a listen:

Julia Deans Interview


Nick Paris will be in for the Alice in Videoland pick o the week, Greg from CUBA will be telling us about the Jib Jam happening tomorrow down at the UCSA Amphitheatre, Andrew Campbell from FINSEC will be giving us his side of the ANZ shipping 250 jobs to India story as well as Maria with the Sky’s Railto Channel film preview.

Don’t be afraid.

Tuesday 15th July 2008

Wow, it was a very interesting show today. First interview with Ken Clearwater from the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust was fairly intense for that time of the morning, but that kind of abuse doesn’t sleep so it’s important to raise awareness, and hopefully put a stop to this continuing and devistating crime. Especially with the Catholic ‘World Youth Day’ seeing  Pope Benedict XVI making an apology to Australian sexual abuse victims but not a word to New Zealand’s victims! What the?? Is the church here less to blame? Check out the podcast:

Ken Clearwater Interview

Well well well Miss Venezuela took out the Miss Universe title last night at the pageant, no surprises there, apparently all girls in Vland are hot. So we had a chat with Val Lott who runs the Miss New Zealand branch of the organisation (which, by the way is owned by NBC and none other than that bad haired perve Donald Trump) about how the whole thing has progressed and how it stands now days with more a more social sensitivity to the objectivity of women. Val also gave us in her opinion where the most beautiful women come from and consequently, the not so beautiful… She also gave us a tip on how to straighten your daughter if she has begun hitchhiking down the surly road to skankdom wearing nothing but hot pants and bad attitude. Have a listen:

Val Lott Interview


Basically it’s a doozy; we’ve got Sue Bradford joining us as well as Julia Deans from Fur Patrol and Paul Roper, the drummer from the Mint Chicks stopping by for some radio lovin’.

We’d love to have you up with us.

Monday 14th July 2008

Breakfast With Spanky is officially now an award winning show! This morning BWS won the prestigious “Best Facial Hair Since Chuck Norris in a Breakfast Show Award”


There could well be two fists under there

There could well be two fists under there



And Welcome back Spanky! With the tail end of a flu he brings a very, very husky voice so make the most of it over the next couple of days, it won’t last long. Ladies..


Today we had Ruth Dyson on the show, she told us what Trevor Mallard is really like, mentioned what Labour are doing to turn around their popularity in the polls and oddly evaded questions from Spanky touching on what sort of music she’s listening to and whether she would go on a date with him. We’re thinking the reason for this is: Ruth might just love Cold Play and really a date with Spanky is incredibly appealing. Who knows! We’ll dig deeper next time.

Russel Brown also joined us in a Veitch Special, tackling the media angle on the whole situation, who his supporters are and what might happen if TVNZ and The Radio Network are found to have swept knowledge of his assault under the carpet. Also the subject of iphones came up, their functionality and the value for money of the plans on offer. Check out the podcast:

Russel Brown Interview


Young Andrew Todd with the itchy eyes is in with his Rialto Film Pick o the Week as well as Mr. Dai Henwood of Roll the Dai fame (new season in Australia). There’s the C4 Golden Bean up for grabs as always and who knows, we might even win another award!

Tune into it not out of it.

Friday 11th July 2008

Another week down! And what a week it’s been, we’ve had great guests (although John Key let the team down AGAIN but we’ll have him next Friday for sure), Spanky got sick (rest up Spank Dogg), Ed and Blair were reunited and Little Pictures ended the week with a catchy live to air. Check out their vid!

We are so spoilt for choice when it comes to live gigs in ChCh, make sure you get out this weekend and catch something new and keep supporting the scene. Matt Heath from Deja Voodoo joined us today, the topic of Mothra came up as well as their gig at the Civic tonight – not to be missed!


Spanky will be back at the controls (fingers crossed) after a kick ass bout of that flu that’s going round. We’d love to hear your flu stories if you’ve got them, we don’t want to hear any complaining as such, but we want to hear things like yucky stories like: ‘I got out of bed one morning and this huge trail of snot followed me all the way to the bathroom’ – that kind of thing. On the show we’ll have Ruth Dyson, Labour MP for Banks Peninsula and the one and only Russel Norman for the latest in current affairs.

Have a great weekend, catch you Monday.

Thursday 10th July 2008

Well Ed and Blair did a stand up job this morning. It was kind of like having a squabbling gay couple locked in a small padded room with the heat pump cranked right up. Actually no, that’s exactly what it was like, but what a great show, Spanky would be proud!

Ed & Blair - filling in.

Ed & Blair - post coital.


Nick Paris gave us his Alice in Videoland pick o the week as well as his top three domestic violence movies (coinciding with our loosely themed show based on Tony Veitch’s assault on ex partner Kristin Dunne-Powel). Actually, check out this link for the merciless Tui Billboard

Grant Smithies our music reviewer extraordinaire from Nelson chatted about an album from ‘The Clean’ as well as discussing the rig moral of the running of New Zealand record labels. Bill Gosden also joined us with information on the 32nd Christchurch International Film Festival which is kicking off 31st July and runs until the 17th August, showing at the Rialto Cinema. For more info go to: Festival Website


…is HUGE! We’ve got Kevin List, John Key, Dylan Jones from Upbeats (talking about the PHAT Moon gig coming up), Matt from Deja Voodoo AND Little Pictures in studio for a live to air! Do not miss this one.

Catch you then

Wednesday 9th July 2008

Damn that cold going round! Spanky’s currently getting his ass kicked my the bug. He made a valiant effort this morning but will be taking the next couple of days off to rest up, SO we’ve got that young stallion of a journalist; Blair Ensor stepping in tomorrow and probably Friday – ALL GOOD!

Check out Pine’s Radathon challenge


Aden Shillito from the Christchurch Short Film Festival gave us the low down on what’s happening there. The festival runs from 7th – 10th July and is held at the Christchurch Art Gallery Auditorium. For more info go to: Belladonna Film Trust. We had a great interview with Russel Norman this morning, about his progression into Parliament and how he’s finding it being the new kid on the political block. Also touched on the truckies’ road user charges and of course who are Mr. Norman’s advisors… check out the podcast of this interview:

Russel Norman Interview


As mentioned, Blair Ensor will be gracing the airwaves with his carob coated voice and joining him on the show will be Nick Paris with the Alice in Videoland pick of the week, Grant Smithies our music reviewer extraordinaire, Bill Gosden director of the 32nd ChCh International Film Festival and Maria with the Sky’s Rialto Channel film review of the week. Don’t forget the C4 Golden Bean give away too!

Do try us.